Zimbabwe pensioners remembered at last

Zimbabwe pensioners remembered at last


Zimbabwe’s pensioners who fall under the National Social Security Authority will this month receive a bonus equal to their normal pension, which means that they will get double their pension, but after that they will get an increase of 10 percent of whatever they are earning.

This was said by the Deputy Minister of Labour Lovemore Matuke when he was asked by Senator Gideon Shoko what government policy was on increases to pensioners who fall under NSSA.

“Starting this month, pensioners have been given a bonus which is double their normal pension.  Which means those who were getting about 100 dollars will be getting 200 dollars,” Matuke responded.

“There is a slight increase of ten percent to whatever they have been getting.  That is taking place when the exercise to try and evaluate the pension is underway.  We hope in less than 60 days they are going to receive adequate pension to meet the harsh economic conditions.”

Shoko, however, said pensioners had already been paid their normal pensions for this month but there was no bonus.

“The Minister has pointed out to say effective from the first of this month, NSSA pensioners are going to get double. Unfortunately, I am one of them and we have already been paid. We did not get that double, we are still getting the old $10, $30 and $80,” he said.

Deputy president of the Senate Mike Nyambuya said Shoko was being specific so the minister was not asked to respond.

NSSA pensioners are usually paid between the 10th and 15th of the month but this is for the previous month which means the pensions that the old folk got in July is for June.

The government yesterday awarded civil servants across the board a once-off allowance of Z$400 for this month.


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