Wicknell Chivayo is by no means a fool

Wicknell Chivayo is by no means a fool


A lot has been said about money man and man of the moment Wicknell Chivayo.

Zimbabweans are very good at calling each other names and articulating the crimes of other pointing faults in others and that sort of thing.

However, for all his scheming willing and dealing Wicknell Chivayo is by no means a fool. Let us be real you can call him a ‘tenderpreneur’ but fool he is not.

All media has been taking turns to have a go at him but I don’t think his bank account will reflect this hate at all. The money man is still enjoying his life just when everyone in the media was hauling insults at him he was busy wining and dining the first lady  Cde Amai Grace (AKA Stop it) Mugabe.

Muckraker a columnist in the Zimbabwe Independent called him a fool. But a fool he is not. The broke journalist who continue to nibble on peanuts for pay while insulting money are the real fools.

Herald, Chronicle, Daily news, Fingaz whatever newspaper you can name these honest honourable scribes are broke and they envy the enterprise and the brave and bold business ventures of this Wicknell and that is the truth. The young man has influence and has cash and lots of it so get used to it Zimbabwe.

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