Uebert Angel Changes Direction

Uebert Angel Changes Direction

Uebert & BeBe Angel

Multimillionaire Uebert Angel is an intriguing character, a name that has sunk deep roots in the prophetic circles and is now established as the founding father of the forensic blend of the prophetic in the modern-day Prophetic movement.

As such while the world stood in anticipation of prophetic declarations for the year 2018, Angel focused attention on the great charity work that his charity the Uebert Angel Foundation (UAF) is set to unleash on Africa.

Speaking to ZimMetro his spokesman Rikki Doolan said “2018 will see a great pouring of resources into Africa. We will channel millions into charity and Zimbabwe is not forgotten. We have a lot in store for Zimbabwe in particular and Africa in general.”

Spirit Embassy the Good News Church has been labelled a controversial church by critics in the past. ZimMetro asked Mr. Doolan why it is that the church was labelled controversial and why some people felt that it was a rich people’s church?

“If it were up to us to choose, God’s church would look a whole lot like you and a whole lot like me. The Church of the Mirror.

Fortunately, God in his great wisdom, didn’t draw unto himself a collection of clean-cut-Christian look-alikes, dressed in white polo shirts and khaki pants. He didn’t draft a fantasy faith team of the smartest, funniest, best looking, and most creative.

The church that Jesus is building is an eclectic, intriguing, quirky, diverse mess of humanity. That’s God’s way. (Which couldn’t be more different than our personal view of the world and TGNC.)

By design our leader has chosen to fight poverty by equipping not only the membership of the church but all humanity to defeat the demon of poverty. So, in plain talk those who say TGNC is a rich people’s church, I dare say they are correct.

God calls the poor, the wounded, the opinionated, the nosey, the caring, the broken, the seemingly unlovable. He calls them his own. He welcomes all of us, with our quirks and our maladies, into his unique community of love and acceptance, of grace and truth. That’s the template of TGNC” said Pastor Rikki Doolan.


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