Uebert Angel Brought Shopping Mall to a Standstill

Uebert Angel Brought Shopping Mall to a Standstill


The Lamborghini driving Prophet Uebert Angel, who was reported to have bought his wife a Lambo for valentines, is said to have brought a shopping mall to a halt in the city of Birmingham in England. After huge crowds followed him into the car park causing a traffic jam.

Uebert Angel is said to have been preaching at his The Good News Church which is said to be one of the biggest crowd pullers in the city of Birmingham.

On the TGNC Facebook page, the Sunday services are referred to as The main event, huge crowds are seen dancing in jubilation on videos posted on the Uebert Angel official Facebook page.

According to a Christian online website www.ocradio.ca

The multi-millionaire and philanthropist known as the Good News Man, brought Star City to a standstill as he tried to make his way to his car, after ministering to a packed auditorium at the Vue Cinema in Birmingham where he had to hire out two cinemas to accommodate the large crowds.

IMG_5428The service was a miracle filled church service with close to a thousand in attendance. For a normal non-conference Sunday service, these numbers are very good for the UK. Only the likes of Ashimolowo and John Francis are pulling such crowds.

IMG_5426After ministering at The Good News Church (TGNC) Birmingham, the celebrity preacher, and world renowned for his pinpoint prophecies and much acclaimed as the father of the phenomenon known as forensic prophesy because of the intricacy of detail revealed in the prophesy.

IMG_5420Hundreds of people, of all races who had attended his service still wanted more and sought to get a touch from the Prophet of God. The front car park of Star City was brought to a standstill as people pressed forward to try and touch him and many tried to get pictures of him.

IMG_5422Hundreds of onlookers could be forgiven for thinking that this was a mega film super star or premier league football star. Uebert Angel looked dapper in a colourful Angelo Galasso shirt with a swanky brown suit trousers and designer, Galasso shoes.

Curious onlookers joined in the melee, some thinking he was a famous celebrity, indeed a film actor or footballer. Shop workers and restaurant owners came out of their shops to enquire.

IMG_5439Extra security personal from the shopping mall and marshals had to come out to assist in crowd control and traffic movement as the crowd of onlookers and church members blocked the entrance and trickled into the front car park.


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