Regina Mundi pupils cheat death as ZUPCO bus catches fire

Regina Mundi pupils cheat death as ZUPCO bus catches fire


A back to school trip for Regina Mundi students turned in to a near miss as students escaped an inferno.

The Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO) went in up in flames this

A day before schools opened as it ferried boarding school children back to school ready for Tuesday start of term. The ZUPCO bus developed problems along Nyamayendlovu road.

There is still no clarity as to what was the cause of the fire. However no one was injured in the accident all students are accounted for and most of their goods were rescued before the bus was totally engulfed in flames.

The bus was totally wracked. Speaking to Zim Metro News, one of the student said “in as much as that was scary it was an adventure somehow it gave me a thrilling feeling”

We rescued almost all our bags and trunks we will have a lot of have a lot of hero stories this term this will be written in a lot of English compositions for many who had no idea how to write that composition under the title the day I almost died this incident provides for a lot of material.

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