Prophet Uebert Angel speaks up against Cholera in Zimbabwe

Prophet Uebert Angel speaks up against Cholera in Zimbabwe

Uebert Angel

The leader of Spirit Embassy The Good News Church has called for a collective effort to fight against Cholera.

Speaking through his spokesperson Prophet Angel said “it is a tragedy that we have an epidemic such as Cholera devastating families and lives lost due to a disease that can be eradicated easily. Now is the time for the nation of Zimbabwe to unite and put aside political differences and all sorts of bickering. ”

Prophet Angel urged churches to pull together to source funds to help the Ministry of Health and the local authorities to contain the outbreak of this deadly virus.

“Spirit Embassy The Good News Church stands ready to play it’s part in the fight against Cholera prayer alone wont cut it. It’s time we poured material resources to help the devastated communities”

The U.K. based church leader has urged his members to take steps to help curb the cholera outbreak in the country. The newly appointed Health Minister, Obadiah Moyo, told journalists that there were 3,766 cases of cholera in the outbreak; which had claimed 25 lives thus far. The World Health Organisation (WHO) said the disease was spreading rapidly in the capital Harare.

“The role of the modern church in the life of the 21st-century believer is critical because it fills a void only the church can. Every Church must stand with the community to fight this epidemic. Prayer is important yes, but practical solutions have to be proffered and resources are critical at a time like this. Our Harare pastors lead by Pastor Felix Chikase will work closely with our head office and communicate what help and resources they need going forward.” His spokesman Pastor Rikki Doolan said.

He went on to say “Our members will soon be out on cleanup initiatives and on an health awareness campaign first in the affected areas and generally across the country. We are a community focused church and we will work closely with the local authorities and stand ready to help.”

This is not the first time that Spirit Embassy The Good News Church has sprung to action. Last year during the Zambian Cholera out break The Uebert Angel Foundation responded to the cholera outbreak to Zimbabwe’s northern neighbours Zambia by dispatching a crack team to help with the coordination of aid as well as the clean-up exercise.

Members of Spirit Embassy The Good News Church equipped with cleaning equipment from The Uebert Angel Foundation took to the epicentre of the cholera outbreak in Lusaka to help with the clean-up exercise to mitigate and try to control and contain the cholera epidemic.


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