Prophet Edd Branson Targeted by Unashamed Extortionists

Prophet Edd Branson Targeted by Unashamed Extortionists


It can be exclusively reported that an unashamed extortionist has targeted Prophet Edd Branson.  In recent months, it has become somewhat fashionable to not only trash man of God. But somehow, try every means possible to extort money from them.

It is generally accepted that a moral slipshod or lapse in issues relating to morality is not a criminal offence in itself, but extortion is outright criminal. The media is throbbing with recorded footage and conversations of Prophet Magaya’s jaunts. It is very unfortunate that these exposés have inspired a lot of cash hungry prostitutes to attempt extorting every rich man that they have ever been with or lied to ever been with.

Extortion is a crime

Edd Branson has been targeted by a copycat extortionist who is chancing it following the Magaya disclosures.

The young and vibrant preacher has joined a host of high ranking men of God. The likes of TB Joshua, Benny Hinn, Uebert Angel, Chris Oyakhilome, Shepherd Bushiri just to name a few, who also, have been the targets of extortion in the past.

Onward Christian Radio, which broke the story, understands that a certain women is threatening to reveal proof of an affair she once shared in the past with Prophet Edd in his bachelor days before he left her. It is said the woman is demanding substantial figure in return for her silence. Although the man of the cloth could not be reached for comments sources close to the man of the cloth say it is their rule not to pay or give in to demands of extortionists or any blackmail.

It is sad to note that certain people who knew Edd as a young unmarried man in the days that he was seeking a wife to marry. Think that they can take advantage of him and extort money from.

Eddy Branson, recently wedded his beautiful wife in a colourful wedding in South Africa. Perhaps, Ed’s marriage is fuelling these threats to extort money from him.

Speaking to Onward Christian Radio a leading Zimbabwean lawyer, said:

“Now that is outright extortion, no matter which way you look at it and it must be made abundantly clear to all, that extortion is a crime. Whereas, a moral lapse if it happened is simply that, moral failure and nothing more. It is not a crime.”

Threats and extortion

Threatening to disclose alleged affairs or scandals aimed at tarnishing and bringing someone to shame is criminal. Man of God or ordinary person. Women who engage in immoral activities with man of God or individuals in high places should not think that it is right to extort. Just because they have been dumped or simply because they want to lie and take a chance at cashing in, it does not make it right.

In truth, we must not get it twisted the current case on Prophet Walter Magaya needs wisdom don’t be quick to judge, we must not neglect the fact that Magaya is a man not a god. He is a man who serves God and indeed none of us are perfect before God. We are all sinners and that is a fact.

We must distinguish between what is criminal and what is immoral.

Morals imply a higher standard of behaviour. Law needs to be justified.

Morality is composed of “Normative rules” which set out what a person should do, or what he or she should refrain from doing.

We generally expect man of the cloth to uphold certain moral standards. However, should they fail we cannot criminally charge them.

With regards morality, the emphasis is on “should”, because the individual is not compelled to abide by normative rules, he or she simply ought to.

On the other hand. Law is made up of “Positive rules” which impose a legal obligation to do or refrain from doing something. If a positive rule is breached a sanction may be imposed. Indeed, the law demands that if a crime is committed then one can be criminally charged.

A corrupt country

Some Zimbabweans have a very cruel way of responding to the success of others. (Prophets, Pastors, Bishops, as a matter of fact all Clergyman) are human beings too. They have the same rights as everyone else. Like it or not they also have the right to become successful materially, financially and otherwise.

The question is. Why has it become commonplace for those who knowingly go into relationships with financially successful people in Zimbabwe, to cry rape and threaten to expose illicit affairs if a large sum of money is not paid?

Extortionists are like a cancer which eats at you till you are finished. Whilst men of the cloth, if it’s true that they do these things should and must stop. However, if no payments go to these extortionists this cancer will stop.

In this computer world where screenshots can be created, changed or manipulated and where even voice notes can be computer generated it is difficult to know truth from fiction. However, it is easy to know prostitutes from real victims.




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