Proof Speaks Louder and Clearer than Claims

Proof Speaks Louder and Clearer than Claims


We all know the popular cliché actions speak louder than words. But I’ve used proof speaks louder and clearer than claims to title this article. I think most of us can agree that it rings true in most cases too. Well it is also true when it comes to claims made by men and women of God.

The desire to eclipse other servants of God is not only a hindrance but is also destroying the body of Christ. Recent developments in the body of Christ have seen servants of God men and women pushing the envelope.

We have genuine servants of God, please do not get me wrong, indeed we have prophets who can heal and in truth prophesy as directed by the Holy Spirit of God. However, it is now an increasing worry that some attention seekers among these servants of God, who may feel that the limelight is not focusing so much on them are now engaging in some very ridiculous things that not only bring disrepute to the authentic servants of God but also the general body of Christ as a whole.

Recent media reports of one so-called man of God in South Africa, a prophet Mboro who claimed that he was “Captured” to heaven on Easter Sunday and was able to take photos of God’s Kingdom using his Galaxy Smartphone. The leader of the Church of Incredible Happenings then claimed that those interested to see the photos, he reportedly took in heaven would first need to make a donation of R5000 (around £240 or $340) for the photos to be transferred via WhatsApp.

People say things and make promises they have no intention of keeping on a daily basis. Nevertheless when supposed servants of God start to make outrageous claims even the faithful followers need to question some of these claims. It is one thing making a claim but it’s another thing defending that claim.

Prophet PassionAnother claim that caught my eye was that made by Zimbabwean based prophet Passion Java. “Only Man Who Can Heal H.I.V Prophet Passion” read the message on the flyer.

Someone once said you cannot argue with results and that is simple truth. Not quite the same when it comes to claims, thus, every claim must be backed up with results. Indeed every claim must be validated by solid results otherwise it is dismissed as just cheap talk.

It is well and good for Prophet Passion to make such a claim, he may just be able to heal H.I.V indeed. For truly there is nothing impossible with God. However I take umbrage with his claim to be the “only Man” who can heal H.I.V. In my view attention seeking tendency and the desire or hunger to eclipse and out do other servants of God has brought opprobrium to the body of Christ.

Claims mean nothing without proof. People lie all the time and say things just to appease themselves and others around them. Men and Women, indeed all servants of God must consistently monitor their claims so that they coincide with real proof and are evidenced by actual results. Words are easy to throw around, indeed claims are very easy to make they are after all just spoken words, but it takes proof to authenticate them and results to back them up.

In today’s world that demands proof the public pay no attention to what men and women of God claim they can do. However, the results of your actions will get our undivided attention. Indeed words have less substance than air. Men and women of God should not tell us what they can do or make zealous claims, they must just show us what they can do.

Is it not written (1 Corinthians 2:4) “And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power:”

Moses did not claim that he could part the Red sea he did it and today we read in the Bible that he did, Jesus Christ did not say I can walk on water he just did it he walked on water.

In short, men and women of God quit making claims already…… just do it and we will gladly write a good report and testimonies will abound that indeed the power of God was demonstrated not by claims or words but of the Spirit and of power. Proof speaks louder and clearer than claims.


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