Priscilla Mupakairi faces prison should she be returned to Zimbabwe

Priscilla Mupakairi faces prison should she be returned to Zimbabwe


After years of political activism in the United Kingdom where she has dedicated time to speak out and campaign against the despotic regime of Robert Mugabe and his ruinous ZANU PF government.

Miss Priscilla Mupakairi faces a serious threat should she be returned to Zimbabwe. The British government wants to send her back to Zimbabwe. The British Home office seems to ignore the risk that is on this single mothers life should she be sent back to Zimbabwe.

Priscilla Mupakairi has actively taken part in demonstrations and campaigns against the Mugabe government since her arrival in England.
Speaking to ZimCitizen Priscilla said the British home office has written to her notifying her that she has to leave the country.

“I am distraught I have no idea what awaits me in Zimbabwe I have been made to believe that I face grave danger should I be returned to Zimbabwe.” She said.

ZimCitizen would like to appeal to the Home office to reconsider this decision. We are seriously concerned because there is a real threat to Priscilla’s life should she be returned to Zimbabwe. It has been widely reported how the Mugabe regime targets and harasses those who speak up or speak out against it.
The likes of pastor Evan Mawarire is still going through the courts on trumped up charges. Linda Musariri spent days-on-end incarcerated for standing up against the corrupt Mugabe regime.
The most tragic case is that of Itayi Dzamara who was disappeared by the state security officers and his body or whereabouts are still a mystery. As Zimbabwe draws closer to the 2018 plebiscite violence is likely to increase as the Mugabe regime tightens its grip on power.Diaspora activists like Priscilla Mupakairi would be easy targets and maybe used to as examples by the regime to show what would be done to those who speak up against Mugabe and his ZANU PF.

We call upon all in Zimbabweans in the diaspora and all human rights groups to help speak up for Priscilla Mupakairi and stop her deportation.


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