Police Officer who died whilst having sex

Police Officer who died whilst having sex


A top cop has denied that a crash that killed one of his officers and lover was caused by them having sex – claiming that the impact of the collision knocked off the pair’s clothes.

Graphic pictures show Constable Ramon Stephens and his girlfriend half-naked at the wheel of the car after dying from injuries sustained in the tragic accident Easter Sunday in Jamaica.
Eyewitnesses said the car was travelling at a very high speed and lost control, probably at the climax of the sex.

But the island’s Road Safety Unit denied sexual act was the cause of the fatal crash on the North-South link of Highway 2000.

Local paper The Jamaica-Star said the cop released a vehement statement after speculation suggested a risqué sexual act was the cause.

Director of the unit in the Ministry of Transport, Kanute Hare, told the Star that despite calls the suggestive photographs, there wasn’t enough evidence to prove the pair were having sex.

He told the paper: “Persons have been calling me about it. There are some photographs even flying about the place but I beg not to believe that because my information is not telling me (that) and for somebody who understands how traffic accidents occur, I am not surprised the clothes were off.”

Hare also told The Star that in a collision, there are different forces and different energy levels being dissipated.

“The intelligence I am picking up on the ground from the scene does not allow me to come to that conclusion at all. Clothes normally tear off people when crashes occur, persons are knocked out of their shoes, persons are knocked out of their clothes,” he said.

Photos said to be of the crash show both passengers slumped across the front of the car minus some of their clothing.

“Remember now the bodies are moving around in the motor vehicle and it would seem to be in this crash they were not wearing their seat belts. I was made to understand … persons who were there at the scene said they saw the gentleman in his pants. We hear the rumours but if you can’t come to me with hardcore evidence, I don’t even have the temerity of even mentioning that thing because I didn’t see it,” Hare told The Star.

When quizzed if the Road Safety Unit has ever received a report of an accident caused by sex while driving, Hare said no.

“I hope that it doesn’t come to that. That can be very distracting. That is not a good idea. People should be focusing on driving,” he said.

The newspaper said police have not yet made the name of the dead woman public.


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