Pastor caught pants down Part 2

Pastor caught pants down Part 2


The trapped pastor was a friend for more than 10 years but his wicked ways where laid bare after he was stung in a set up sting operation set up by his friends wife. The pastor is said to have thought that his friend was flying out of the country unbeknown to him it was all a trap. Spotting an opportunity he rushed to his friend’s house thinking he had hit the jackpot but it was not so as he realised while trying to put on his wet clothes in the cold in London. With no bus fare or transport to go back to his house the shamed pastor is heard trying to ask for a lift from the police but they were not in the mood to help the cheating pastor. The stung pastor was left shamed cold and wet that’s should teach him. Do you have a juicy story for us contact us and we will publish Email


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