Pastor caught pants down Part 1

Pastor caught pants down Part 1


There was great drama in London when a Congolese pastor who was trying to bed his best friend’s wife. The sting operation of sorts brought immediate results.
This unnamed man of God, was allegedly caught naked in the bed of his friend a member of his flock.
It’s not very pretty, being caught having an affair – especially when it shows that some wolves can hide in shepherds’ clothing.
The shamed pastor is caught and confronted. The woman who the pastor had anticipated to bed is heard in the video saying “this man has been trying to have sex with be harassing me for sex all the time telling me that my husband cheats on me all the time”
After the woman told her husband that his pastor friend is harassing her for sex the trap was set and the big pastor was caught pants down just when he thought he had struck gold.
God cannot be fooled the dodgy pastor was exposed and some of the women who are on the clip are heard saying “you need deliverance you need serious deliverance”
The shamed pastor was spared any beatings however, his cloths were put in a wet bucket and he was kicked out of the house where he then tried to put on his wet cloths while the police watched.
This freeze and shame therapy was just what the pastor needed we hope that he learnt a lesson and that he will change his ways or hell fire awaits him.
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