‘Maintenance man’ rapist terrorising women in Bulawayo

‘Maintenance man’ rapist terrorising women in Bulawayo

Witness Mutizwa

A Bulawayo Polytechnic catering student Witness Mutizwa has been masquerading as a handy man to gain access into homes and rape and steal from unsuspecting women.

Witness Mutizwa who is thought to reside in the Mahatshula area of Bulawayo is said to originally from Gweru. He appears very friendly and mainly targets women.

Mutizwa has earned the name “maintenance man” rapist because he often pretended to be a handyman to gain entry to some of his victims’ homes.

Mutizwa has a woodwork workshop at RMS along Railway Avenue in Bulawayo where he makes furniture such as sofas and chairs. This paper has it on good authority that Mutizwa often makes faulty furniture which he then follows up to fix at the clients home one it breaks. This has been one way of gaining access into the homes of his unsuspecting clients.

Witness Mutizwa

Mutizwa also masquerades as a mechanic and steals any small items in the cars he claims to fix.

One of the victims who spoke to this paper said Witness Mutizwa came into their home to fix a broken stove and took advantage of the young maid that was at the house (name withheld). Mutizwa raped the 18 year old and threatened to kill her should she report the case.

He is said to have then ransacked the house and stole some money before escaping.

A police report has since be made and this paper can reveal pictures of this conman and rapist who is terrorising the city of Bulawayo.


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