Horror In Glen View As Lover Cheats Are Axed to Death

Horror In Glen View As Lover Cheats Are Axed to Death


It was like a scene out of a horror movie for as two love birds from the high density suburb of Glen View were axed to death after they were caught making love by the woman’s husband.

The husband of the now deceased unfaithful woman killed both his wife and the man she was sleeping with by hacking them with an axe.

The naked bodies of the two were covered in blood. The woman laid on the floor in a pool of her own blood while her boyfriend was left with the murder weapon stuck in his head.

His blood soaking through the bedlinen in which he had romped the killer’s wife.

There has been a spite of incidence in Zimbabwe in the last couple of months of violent attacks on unfaithful partners but not to this serious level of brutality.

So bloody was the crime scene in the Glen view case that even the police contaminated the crime scene.

Blood was all over the floor it was almost impossible for the police not to step on the blood.

Zim Metro spoke to some residence from the neighbourhood who expressed shock and disgust at the gruesome way in which the two love birds had be murdered.

“Yes he found another man in his matrimonial bed with his wife but I think he went too far he could have just set his wife packing and got a divorce. Killing someone in the way he did his wife and the boyfriend will surely disturb his mind that man will never know peace even in jail those images will haunt him forever.” Said a man who chose not to be named.

Another resident from the neighbourhood said she was terrified by this gruesome murder “the way that woman and that man died was painful, the husband was wronged yes the wife should not have brought a boyfriend into their matrimonial bed. But to axe someone to death the way that he did shows you that we don’t really understand the people we call our husband how can someone get that angry to the extent of hacking and butchering someone in that manner?

The police did not want to comment on the issue and the murderer will have to undergo a psychological evaluation given the severity of the crime and the brutal and heinous way in which he executed it all.



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