Govt set to review new curriculum

Govt set to review new curriculum


Government says it will review the new curriculum to improve its effectiveness.

This comes amid revelations that parents, teachers and other stakeholders have an aversion to some of the tenets of the curriculum.

Insufficient resources, infrastructure and too many tasks for the school children emerged as issues of concern affecting the implementation of the new curriculum.

The sentiments came out during a stakeholders meeting where parents and teachers presented recommendations to the Ministry of Education towards improving the new curriculum.

The Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Professor Paul Mavima said the government has compiled the recommendations and will review the curriculum to improve its effectiveness.

Board chair of the Maths and Science Development Centre Jasper Mutambara emphasized the key areas to be reviewed to enhance the productivity of education.

Meanwhile, the government has unveiled a $9 million facility through the education development fund towards the distribution of teaching and learning materials.

Less privileged communities are set to benefit from this scheme.


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