Brill Pongo pens another top seller

Brill Pongo pens another top seller

Journalist cum-Christian-author, Brill Pongo

PROLIFIC Christian writer Brill Pongo has authored another blockbuster titled ‘Chauffeured by a Prophet; Navigated by the Holy Spirit’.
The journalist cum-Christian-author who was once a staunch critic of the modern-day prophet church is now a prolific author known as “God’s Author”.
Speaking to The Financial Gazzete, Pongo said ”it is by God’s grace that I am able to do such, I have more books that are completed and ready to be published. We are just waiting for the right time to publish them. I am extremely excited about what God is doing with my life and the trajectory that events have taken me.”
Brill Pongo who published the top seller Protect the Harvest; Defend the Harvester, in September last year said he was thrilled by the popularity of the book and the sales that it generated.
“I can safely say all things are possible with God many of my friends who are authors had told me the first book never really sells a lot of copies, but my God showed up and showed off. My life is not the same anymore the book changed my life.”
Talking of the new book “Chauffeured by a prophet; Navigated by the Holy Spirit”, Pongo said this was a teaching inspired by the Holy Spirit. As I was driving from a family vacation in Scotland we got caught in traffic and it was at that moment that this lesson was revealed to me.
“God works in mysterious ways and He can use inanimate objects to teach you profound and spiritual lessons and in this case my car became the tool that God used as a visual.”
The book is now available as an ebook on Amazon kindle and Kindle Unlimited. You can also get the book via his website
Pongo has another promising book titled After I Receive‘ which you can pre-order via his website.


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