Ban on kombis in Harare CBD slammed

Ban on kombis in Harare CBD slammed


The Harare City Council’s noble initiative to decongest the city centre by giving commuter omnibus operators an ultimatum to vacate the CBD is mired by operational and structural challenges due to poor planning and lack of consultation.

The new order being spearheaded by the local authority is on course to bring operational inefficiencies and an extra financial burden to the commuting public.

Commuter omnibus operators told the ZBC News that the city council should have made wide consultations before making such a decision because the move is likely to result in sprouting of unlicensed operators known as ‘mushikashikas’ as commuters will not be prepared to pay extra fare using the proposed conventional buses.

Commuters slammed the city council for not considering their plight by adding on them a financial burden as they have to pay twice for the same route that they are currently paying once.

Harare City’s intended move is not feasible at the present moment due to a widerange of challenges that include implementation modalities and poor urban planning. – ZBC


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