Angel linked to Illuminati

Angel linked to Illuminati

Uebert Angel


Controversial multi millionaire and leading figure in Morden day Christian circles, Uebert Angel’s secret to riches has finally been exposed.

He is rumoured to be connected to the richest family in the world, the controversial Rothschild family which was first linked to the illuminati in 1972 after Leaked photos from their exclusive parties revealed guests such as Salvador Dali and Audrey Hepburn dressed in elaborate, surrealist garb. Mrs. Rothschild herself greeted guests in a white gown and stag’s head with diamond tears.

Uebert Angel with billionaire Nathaniel Phillip Rothschild

In a photo Uebert Angel tried with everything in him to prevent from reaching the public, he is seen being all cozy with Nat Rothschilds a billionaire in his own right and also heir to the Rothschilds family’s vast wealth. The Rothschilds are estimated to be worth over $10trillion as a family.

We have it that Uebert Angel pictured here with Nathaniel Phillip Rothschild at one of their many meetings is believed to be worth over $60million according to Forbes Magazine article of 2013.

The shrewd property tycoon and preacher’s wealth has long been a reason for many to think that he has profited from the church but investigators of his secret wealth have given his illuminati connections as his main secret with vast capitol to his construction company coming from none other than Nat Rothschilds, a fact which he had managed to keep under wraps until now.

Angel recently bought a multi million dollar mansion in Britain in a ‘cash buyer’ gated community for millionaires close to the award winning Lincoln Golf club were members of this highly secretive society are rumoured to meet regularly.

Spokesperson for the elusive Angel man declined to comment on the story when our reporters wanted to get their side of the story and further attempts to make contact were received by a busy tone.

Names of Christian leaders that have been linked to the illuminati in the past range from Benny Hinn to Td Jakes.


  1. have you guys just run out stories to tell, hapana chinobatika chamataura….tipei nyaya dzine umbowo uzere mhani!

  2. haaa ou guys are just telling us what you thing with out giving us true and reliable information munobhohwa

  3. these guys are just giving us their side, what about the guys you wrote about, hazvna humbowo mhani! taurai politics

  4. can we just have better stories to build Zim, even if Angel networks with the rich and gives in to the nation then the better!! lets be positive mhani!!

  5. if he networks with the rich its actually good for our new zimbabwe, leave angel alone toda nyika iende mberi plus you guys your story remains so empty hakuna editor akadai!

  6. i think the journalist needs to go back to school, and the editor as well…this story lacks evidence beyond reasonable doubt

  7. even if your story is true cant you see we are only getting the journalists side, what about the two other people stated? you just need to stop persecuting the Man of God, he hustles to feed his sheep and aint nothing wrong with that

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