A female Gweru teacher accused of abusing and recruiting school kids for...

A female Gweru teacher accused of abusing and recruiting school kids for juju rituals

Francisca Murapata
A Gweru school teacher at one of the primary schools has been accused of sexually molesting young kids for juju rituals.

The female teacher named as Francisca Murapata stands accused of abusing her primary school students for juju purposes.

The Gweru teacher is said to purport to be a devout Christian but her actions have been said to be more satanic and criminal.

The tough economic times in Zimbabwe have seen an increase in people resorting to juju and witchcraft to try and create wealth.

The abuse of spiritual and cultural belief systems in Zimbabwe has proved a deadly and effective control mechanism for those seeking to make money through juju (witchcraft). This has seen an increase in teachers involved in the recruitment of young children in schools, being initiated into witchcraft or used by some school teachers in juju rituals and appeasements.

“For some evil people schools have become a source of fresh blood for the hugely profitable and well-organised criminal industry and evil enterprise. These evil doers are taking advantage of young innocent kids to fulfill their evil and sadistic acts.” Said one expert who spoke to this publication.

“It is a sad reality that those who practice witchcraft and dabble in the use of juju to try to enrich themselves are using innocent children and more and more cases of teachers taking advantage of school kids are on the rise in Zimbabwe. I do hope that this case of this Gweru teacher is highlighted and parents are made aware of such things because they trust that teachers are taking care of their children and not exposing them to evil worse still initiating them into witchcraft. What makes it worse is that this is a female teacher.”

Don’t get me wrong because social and cultural norms dictate that women are often viewed as nurturers and carers, “the fairer sex” and therefore not capable of sexual aggression but this is witchcraft inspired by love of money so we are seeing women doing the unthinkable.”

The expert went on to say, “Generally women involved in this type of teacher-pupil case do not fit the mould of what many consider a “predatory paedophile”, in that unlike other sex offenders they do not specifically enter their professions to access children. Instead research has found that many (though not all) of these women appear to abuse because of their own unmet intimacy needs resulting from relationship problems and feelings of loneliness for example.

But when juju rituals and the hand of witchcraft is involved it changes the dynamics. The love of money is indeed the root of all evil.” Said the expert.

What is commonly reported in the Zimbabwean Media with regards sexual abuse in schools mainly involves male teachers taking advantage of female students. However, it is now worrying that more women are abusing young children for juju purposes.

These women are also different from other female sex offenders in that they are generally older, more affluent, have better social skills and less issues with substance abuse. Their behaviour is also to some extent influenced by the very situations they are working in. And so one can only suppose that the economic situation in the country is forcing some of these teachers into witchcraft. Many, though not all, appear to abuse as a result of their own greed and love of money they want wealth by whatever means. Thus, even the use of juju and witchcraft involving young and innocent school kids is on the rise.”

The rumour mill is said to be in full swing in and around Gweru with regards the allegations that point to Francisca Murapata whom it has been alleged is at the centre of abusing and recruiting innocent kids into witchcraft. Thusly, many parents are shocked and worried about these developments and revelations.


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