Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

Controversial multimillionaire and humanitarian Shepherd Bushiri has ended up a target of a scam that he has been captured in America for drug trafficking.

This has been the third time he has been a target of this scam. The same story surfaced in 2016 and 2017 verbatim.

A fake news online paper was at the lead of spreading the scam that caught numerous unprepared with a few indeed accepting the story was genuine.

ZimMetro has it on great ground that this is a deception since Bushiri was live on his Prophetic channel in his South African scene on the day this is implied to have happened and has never been in America this year.

We will be releasing more details as we get more news.

Uebert Angel


Controversial multi millionaire and leading figure in Morden day Christian circles, Uebert Angel’s secret to riches has finally been exposed.

He is rumoured to be connected to the richest family in the world, the controversial Rothschild family which was first linked to the illuminati in 1972 after Leaked photos from their exclusive parties revealed guests such as Salvador Dali and Audrey Hepburn dressed in elaborate, surrealist garb. Mrs. Rothschild herself greeted guests in a white gown and stag’s head with diamond tears.

Uebert Angel with billionaire Nathaniel Phillip Rothschild

In a photo Uebert Angel tried with everything in him to prevent from reaching the public, he is seen being all cozy with Nat Rothschilds a billionaire in his own right and also heir to the Rothschilds family’s vast wealth. The Rothschilds are estimated to be worth over $10trillion as a family.

We have it that Uebert Angel pictured here with Nathaniel Phillip Rothschild at one of their many meetings is believed to be worth over $60million according to Forbes Magazine article of 2013.

The shrewd property tycoon and preacher’s wealth has long been a reason for many to think that he has profited from the church but investigators of his secret wealth have given his illuminati connections as his main secret with vast capitol to his construction company coming from none other than Nat Rothschilds, a fact which he had managed to keep under wraps until now.

Angel recently bought a multi million dollar mansion in Britain in a ‘cash buyer’ gated community for millionaires close to the award winning Lincoln Golf club were members of this highly secretive society are rumoured to meet regularly.

Spokesperson for the elusive Angel man declined to comment on the story when our reporters wanted to get their side of the story and further attempts to make contact were received by a busy tone.

Names of Christian leaders that have been linked to the illuminati in the past range from Benny Hinn to Td Jakes.

Walter Mzembi

The Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission (ZACC) has arrested two former ministers and a television personality on several alleged corruption cases.

According to ZBC News an official from ZACC told them on Friday (today), the two former ministers, Walter Mzembi and Samuel Undenge and television personality Oscar Pambuka have been picked by the anti graft body investigators to assist with investigations.

Sources close to events said Mzembi is allegedly facing criminal abuse of offices and corruption charges rising when he was Minister of Tourism and Hospitality and Foreign Affairs.

Undenge is alleged to have abused his position as the former Minister of Energy and Power Development to influence ZESA Holdings to illegally parcel out tenders to his cronies.

Pambuka allegedly got a dubious $36 000 public relations job which was allegedly influenced by the former Minister of Energy and Power Development, Undenge. – ZBC


Harare – MDC-T deputy president Nelson Chamisa today welcomed President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s visit to MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai at his Highlands home saying this is the new politics we want to see.

According to the Herald Chamisa said: “It’s a welcome thing. It’s African to care for one another; it’s very Zimbabwean.

“This is the new politics we want to see, the politics of peace, the politics of working together, the politics of feeling for one another.

“This is the direction and we hope it is the kind of talk that will be walked and talk that will be sustained.

“Going forward we want to see a peaceful election in Zimbabwe and we are very appreciative.”

Zimbabwe will be holding elections in six months or so and Mnangagwa has pledged that they will be free, fair, credible and transparent because that is the only way Zimbabwe can move forward.

The opposition and civic groups are, however, pressing for electoral reforms to level the playing field but Justice Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi said everything was already in place. There was no need for reform.

Mnangagwa’s gesture in visiting Tsvangirai could be an indication that he is genuine about free and fair elections, but it is what is on the ground that counts.

Mnangagwa is currently serving the remainder of former president Robert Mugabe’s term and wants his own mandate which will be internationally acceptable.

Mugabe’s victories in 2002, 2008 and 2013 were heavily contested. – Insider

Zimbabwe's President Emmerson Mnangagwa (R) meets the leader of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), the country's main opposition party, Morgan Tsvangirai (C), flanked by his wife Elizabeth Macheka (L), during a visit at his home in Harare on January 5, 2018. The visit came as Zimbabwe's political parties prepare to begin campaigning for elections due later this year -- the first since former president stood down following a brief military takeover.
HARARE – Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa has ruled out forming a coalition government after visiting opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai on Friday.

Zimbabwe is due to hold elections in 2018 in the first big test of Mnangagwa’s legitimacy after he rose to power in November last year following a de facto military coup which saw veteran leader Robert Mugabe reluctantly cede power.

Mnangagwa has previously indicated polls could be held as early as March, and is under pressure from civil society, would-be investors and opposition parties to implement political reforms following Mugabe’s 37-year grip on power.

“Currently there is no need,” Mnangagwa told reporters, referring to the possibility of forming a coalition with Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

Mnangagwa’s ZANU-PF party and the MDC were partners in a government of national unity for five years until 2013, eventually breaking down as acrimony between the parties re-emerged.

Tsvangirai, who is due to challenge Mnangagwa in national elections, has been receiving treatment for colon cancer since 2016 but says he is in good health.

“He is fine, he is recuperating very well and says he will soon again be having a medical check-up in South Africa,” said Mnangagwa after visiting Tsvangirai at his home.


Harare – Former President Robert Mugabe reportedly flew back home yesterday after spending Christmas and New Year holidays in the Far East, where he had gone for medical check-ups.

According to NewsDay, presidential spokesperson, George Charamba could neither confirm nor deny Mugabe’s return, but sources said Mugabe landed at Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport in the afternoon in the company of his nephew, Patrick Zhuwao, who was in self-imposed exile.

“I don’t know if he is back, but he was expected back home today (yesterday). Whether he has returned or not, I would not know, since I am here at work. But as I said, he was expected to be back on January 4,” Charamba said.

Sources at the airport said Mugabe was accompanied by Zhuwao, who went into self-imposed exile following his uncle’s ouster in November last year. The report added, however, that it couldn’t independently confirm reports that Zhuwao was back in the country as the former Public Service minister could not be reached for comment on his mobile phone.

Mugabe flew out of the country just before Zanu PF’s extra-ordinary congress, which elevated former Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa to succeed him both at party and government.

The former President travelled with a sizeable entourage of security personnel after being pushed out of office by Zanu PF with the aid of the military under a manoeuvre codenamed “Operation Restore Legacy”.

Before his ouster, Mugabe often spent his December annual leave holidaying in the Far East, where he also took the opportunity to have medical check-ups.

His health and age had become a major political issue that it topped the list of the reasons outlined by legislators from Zanu PF and opposition parties for his impeachment in Parliament.

Mugabe, in the past three years, gobbled millions of taxpayers’ money in foreign travel with most of his jaunts to the Far East for what Charamba said then were routine medical check-ups. – NewsDay

President Mnangagwa chats to Mr Tsvangirai and his wife Elizabeth

HARARE – President Emmerson Mnangagwa today visited former Prime Minister and leader of the MDC-T Mr Morgan Tsvangirai at his Highlands home to check how he is recuperating.


The President was accompanied by Vice President Retired General Constantino Chiwenga.

In an apparent show of Ubuntu through the visit, President Mnangagwa was welcomed by MDC-T vice president Mr Nelson Chamisa, the party’s director of elections, Mr Murisi Zvizvayi and Mr Tsvangirai’s wife, Mrs Elizabeth Tsvangirai.

Mr Tsvangirai and his wife updated President Mnangagwa and his deputy Retired General Chiwenga on Mr Tsvangirai’s health progress in private and when the media was allowed in, the quartet was in a jovial mood exchanging pleasantries.

After the visit, President Mnangagwa expressed optimism on Mr Tsvangirai’s health progress saying the MDC-T leader indicated that he will be going for a health review soon.

MDC-T vice president Mr Nelson Chamisa commended President Mnangagwa for the show of love.


Contrary to a court order, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees had an asylum seeker deported to Zimbabwe. Now the authority must bring the man back again, otherwise threatens a fine.

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees has to bring back an asylum-seeker who has been deported to Zimbabwe. As reported by the Hanover Administrative Court, the man is to be flown back to Germany from the country in southern Africa by 1 February. Otherwise, the Federal Office threatens a penalty of 8,000 euros. According to a court spokesman, the Federal Office disregarded orders of the Administrative Court in the course of the proceedings.

According to the Administrative Court in May 2017, the Federal Office rejected the man’s asylum application as “manifestly unfounded” and ordered him to deport him to Zimbabwe. An urgent petition by the man against immediate deportation did not succeed in July at the Administrative Court of Hannover.

At the end of October, the man was first flown to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. From there, he submitted a motion for amendment and submitted further documents proving that he was being persecuted politically in his homeland. The Hanover Administrative Court approved this renewed application and ordered the Federal Office to reverse the deportation. Despite this order of October 26, the man was then taken to Zimbabwe.

The political situation in Zimbabwe is considered unstable. The longtime President Robert Mugabe was repeatedly criticized for numerous human rights violations and an economic crisis. After massive protests against the president in November 2017, the military took control of the country, forced the resignation Mugabe and appointed a successor. – WELT N24