SUDDEN DEATH: Did “Presidential” Kasiyamhuru Kill His Own Wife To Marry Her...

SUDDEN DEATH: Did “Presidential” Kasiyamhuru Kill His Own Wife To Marry Her Older Sister?

Blessing Kasiyamhuru

If it was a movie, one would say it’s some traumatising fiction depicting a rare kind of sisterly sororicide. Sororicide is when a sibling kills their own sister. But this is alleged to be reality. This is a truly intriguing and painful story that leaves your soul shattered.

If it was a theatre, you would watch it consciously or unconsciously with tears streaming down your cheeks. This is a story behind two sisters, Thelma and the late Alexis. Over the last few days this case consumed my time as I investigated it; phoning the numerous characters involved, the two siblings’ mother, Auxilia Carolyn Josam, who is based in the UK, various relatives, and Alexis’ friends and former classmates she stayed in contact with till her mysterious death.

Alexis and Thelma

I gave the opportunity to Thelma and her husband to comment but they refused. Thelma said I had a wrong number and thus not talking to the right person, yet I was on the same number she was allegedly using to call other people I was also contacting. She was also using the same number to make calls threatening some of Alexis’ friends. Her husband did not reply. Thelma is a trained nurse-politician. Her husband is a self proclaimed doctor-cum-politician-businessman based in South Africa. Before publishing this article, I sent it to Alexis Kasiyamhuru’s mother and friends to go through it and add or subtract anything as they saw fit. Thus, they all gave their consent to its publication. Who are the people involved and what allegedly happened?


Blessing Kasiyamhuru

Dr Blessing Kasiyamhuru is 40 years old academic also seeing himself as president of the Republic of Zimbabwe. Dr Kasiyamhuru’s wife, Thelma Takaedza, is ZIPP’s Treasurer and also a contestant as MP in Chitungwiza. The young doctor is confident of defying the viciously crowded political arena and beat all the other candidates in 2018. His confidence will however not hide questions being asked regarding what could have happened to his late wife who he mysteriously replaced with her older sister as his wife whilst she was still ailing.

There are  WhatsApp chats, pictures below, that he has conducted with those who knew about his affair with his sister’s wife and were questioning him about having an affair with his wife older sister, four years older. His wife Alexis, fondly known as Lexi, died two years ago and 3th March was her second memorial day and some of her relatives and classmates wanted to know from the man who vowed to save lives how his own wife’s life could have been mysteriously taken. Most of his wife’s friends believe she was slowly poisoned.

By who? Your guess is as good as mine. How? They also ask why the good doctor refused to have a postmodern done. And they also ask why he suddenly married his late wife’s older sister who he now has a child with. By the way, the grieving mother is also asking the same questions as Lexi’s friends about her death and the subsequent marriage of the older sister to the widower doctor.

Those who are aware of cultural norms know that in most cases, it is young sisters who become a “Sara pavana” that is, who get married to their late older sister’s husbands so that they look after their deceased’s children like they are their own . A wife’s older sister is seen as a mother and usually can not replace a younger sister in marriage. But then, maybe times have changed, even mothers are seen fighting over Ben 10s
with their daughters.

According to the mother of the two ladies, Auxilia Carolyn Josam and Lexi’s friends I managed to trace, there was little love between the two sisters. When still at school, Lexi was staying in Msasa Park with a relative, Amai Boba their aunt who would help her occasionally. The two sisters relationship was so toxic such that Alexis would at times use pieces of cloths pads if no-one could help her during her menstrual period. However, after O level she went on to rent her own single room in Chitungwiza because of the strained relationship with her sister.

Lexi was so depressed she would lock herself in the room for days without food and she would switch off her phone. Uncaringly, Thelma moved to South Africa andthen asked Alexis to follow.


When she got there the two sisters relationship was never mended. Thelma threw Alexis into the streets because she alleged that her boyfriend cohabiting with did not like Alexis. Luckily, Alexis went on to live with an aunt who was residing at her employers house.  Thelma had even cut communication with her youngest sister Kuda Kufadza Mbomboza. Later, Alexis went back to college where she met Dr Kasiyamhuru, her knight in shining amour who allegedly was a ladies man. When she later visited Zimbabwe, she proudly told friends and classmates about her new found love. Within a year she was excited that Blessing was marrying her, and was excited that her to be husband had bought her a 7 Series BMW. For unknown reasons, Thelma is allegedly to have tried to dissuade Alexis from marrying Blessing.

Indeed, as the kinder one of the two, Alexis had invited her sister Thelma to come and live with her and Blessing when the situation had gone bad for her and she found herself homeless.

A couple months after the marriage she was calling her friends telling them she was seriously ill with what was suspected to be cerebral malaria. On daily basis she would communicate with her friends updating them about her situation. One day her phone went unanswered and texts not responded to. Whoever eventually answered the phone delivered the bad news.

Alexis was dead, leaving behind a one year old baby. She had died a very painful death in her own townhouse because her sister Thelma had kept her in the house instead of taking her to the hospital.

A doctor’s wife dies in the house without her husband and her older blood sister seeking medical attention for her at any hospital in a country like South Africa. As people always talk when such things happen, information from a close relative filtered alleging that Alexis was being administered slow poison. When some concerned relatives and friends demanded a postmortem, Thelma and her then babamudiki Blessing flatly refused, and quickly took the remains for burial to Zimbabwe.

Confronted with these questions, it is alleged the ZIPP President and his Treasurer wife have issued a statement saying all those asking are working on behalf of ZANU, and are CIOs! Zanu and CIOs always takes the blame for all our alleged transgressions. To strengthen this belief with fear, some of Alexis friends have since been receiving deaths threats from unknown strangers for talking about her mysterious death and subsequent marriage of her older uncaring sister to her widower. These friends have been advised to record such calls and report to the police.

Kasiyamhuru and new wife Thelma

Nonetheless, one year after the death of her beautiful young sister Alexis, Thelma had married the medical widower Dr Blessing Kasiyamhuru and they already have a year old baby. Please read through the Whatsapp chats between the good doctor and some of Alexis’ friends. Are similar cases now common in African culture?

If it were not true one would say it’s movie thriller. Couple it with Thelma’s lies about how her sister was bewitched by her aunt. And this led to a mother of all physical fights at the graveyard during the burial. And did l tell you that Blessing and Thelma took the remains from South Africa to Zim on their own, just the two of them.

Wait for this again. How about Blessings and Thelma washing the body for burial on their own again. And Thelma refusing to have Alexis’ clothes shared as is the norm in our culture. Well, Thelma gave herself her sisters car. But why then go and kiss her new husband at her own deceased sisters grave (picture below). Why stop communicating with her mother and relatives for two years if not guilty?

Just asking. And this is the couple they want to be leaders of a country!

I spoke to Auxilia, the women’s mother, her statement is that, “My daughters were alone in Zimbabwe when I was working in the UK. I don’t stop crying everyday for Alexis. My daughter died a painful death. And to think her own sister would go behind my back to her father’s young brother to get married to Blessing just three months after burying her sister? And to lie like she is doing accusing relatives she doesn’t even know much about of bewitching her sister? So why has she cut communication with me. And why did she refuse with my daughter’s possessions? Now she goes around driving her late sister’s car? And turns my late husband’s brothers against each other.

My heart is in pain. Everyday l cry asking myself what became of Thelma to be so jealousy of her sister?”


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